The origin of Centric Fiber

Was born out of the realization that the United States was nearing a point where its demand for more bandwidth was outpacing the current infrastructure available to meet that demand.

We saw an opportunity to completely rethink how the power and speed of a Fiber network are scaled for use for multiple users. We call it the “Centric Way”, and it has changed how users work and play for good.


Serving a New Era of Demand

As the habits of internet usage shift from traditional cable to streaming video and data, it became apparent that there was a large disconnect to be addressed. Americans now have an average of 12 media and entertainment subscriptions each*. The COVID-19 pandemic added greatly to those numbers with even higher demand for streaming in particular. We’re ready to scale to that demand in ways that the Cable Company never thought of.

Unbundle The Bundle

One of the other areas we identified that needed to be addressed was that of the service offerings available to the average consumer.Traditional cable companies offer special pricing models that tout high-speed internet access along with VoIP and select cable packages. More often than not, the speeds never reach their advertised range and the consumer is “locked-in” to a long term contract that gets progressively more expensive year after year. We knew there had to be a better way, so we made one.


Fiber at your

Front Door

The most critical component of the value chain of our service is our infrastructure. Like everything else we do, it is unique in that it keep sour costs lower. Those savings are then passed along to you. Our FTTH, or Fiber To The Home consists of Lit, (active), and Dark (inactive) fiber strands that we map out in your community that is delivered to each individual home before a slab is ever poured.


Let Us Be Your GigaGuide

Our In-Community consultants help you plan the best fiber experience for you and your family before you ever step foot into your new home. Once you’re settled in, they remain a part of your neighborhood and not overseas, for any help you need afterward.