Let Us Be Your GigaGuide™

As experts in the capabilities of our Fiber network, we want our users to have the ability to get the support and advice they need when they need it. Our GigaGuides act as liaisons to customizing the experience of each individual user based on their needs and preferences. There is nothing like it in the industry and these individuals are the epitome of the level of service you can expect from Centric Fiber.

So, what exactly is a GigaGuide?

When you think of buying a new home and selecting the various tile patterns, paints, and upgrades available it becomes quite clear that having a new home consultant is a necessity. Our GigaGuides essentially serve as your consultant in the same way, only on the digital capacities of your home. By helping you select what service level is best for your family’s needs, they can then recommend the correct network capacity instead of a one size fits all approach.


Here Today

And Tomorrow

All the capabilities available won’t mean much if you can’t get the help you need when it’s needed. That frustration only compounds when having to deal with an offshore team that is likely reading from scripted answers to your problems. We didn’t like that model, so we changed it. Support and help with technical issues now come from a neighb or and not a voice on the other end of the phone. It’s revolutionary, and you’ll love how easy it is to use.