Fiber Boosts

Home Sales

Buying a new home that is fiber ready comes with long-term benefits that reach beyond lightening fast internet speeds.

Studies show that fiber internet infrastructure can add an average of 3% to your home value.

That’s more than $5,400 added to the value of an average U.S. home.

Source: US research for the FTTH Council Americas

The future

is fiber.

These trends will continue to climb as more and more people seek out a faster connection that outdated cable/DSL technology is unable to provide.


New homes.

Modern tech.

Access to future-proof internet is as important of a consideration when upgrading to a new home as location, square footage or amenities.


People want fast.


And Centric Fiber brings you all the speed you need, plus room to expand in the future.1GB upload.1GB download.


no need

to wait.

Find your new home in a community that is already built for high-speed fiber internet.