Get More For

And From

Your Home


Home value can come from many areas,

such as adding in a pool or upgraded fixtures and wood flooring. One of the most overlooked sources of higher home value bothtoday and tomorrow is a robust Fiber network that delivers consistent speeds to the user. Our infrastructure makes an already desirable home even more attractive to a potential home buyer, or for a long term investment.

The Numbers Agree

According to Quicken Loans and The Fiber Broadband Association, the average value of a home with Fiber increases by $5,437 versus a home with traditional cable or DSL service. That equates to installing a new half bath, or fireplace! The statistics further suggest an increase in value of 7.1% in a home with Gigabit service over one with less than 25 MB speeds.


These Numbers Are Likely

To Continue To Climb

as the demand for high speeds and uncapped bandwidth continues to surge. It’s quite easy to see why having Centric Fiber makes more financial sense for your home’s value than many other improvements available.


Let Us Be Your GigaGuide

Our In-Community consultants help you plan the best fiber experience for you and your family before you ever step foot into your new home. Once you’re settled in, they remain a part of your neighborhood and not overseas, for any help you need afterward.