Durable. Reliable.


If speed and sustainability are important to you, then you’re going to love every detail of Gigabit internet.

Installed prior to home construction

We work with builders to install fiber infrastructure as a part of each community. Just like other utilities, new homes come hardwired for high-speed fiber internet. Our FTTH, or Fiber To The Home then delivers a pure connection that is superior to that of cable, satellite or DSL.


How it works

Why it matters

Tiny strands of glass are bound together into cables to seamlessly transmit coded signals in pulses of light, as opposed to transmitting electrical information through copper lines – a method that is slower, limited and more prone to interruptions.

  • More bandwidth
  • Higher speeds
  • No throttling
  • No data caps

Equipped to do more

Your internet speed depends on how much data the infrastructure can handle. Centric Fiber can transmit at a speed of 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) — or 1,000 megabits per second, for both downloads AND uploads.



No need to be concerned about replacing fiber infrastructure over time. Unlike copper, our infrastructure is resistant to interference, temperature fluctuations, pressure and moisture.



The more devices and online tools we use, the faster speeds we need to power them. That's why communities are choosing to build future-proof fiber infrastructure now, versus replacing outdated copper in 10-20 years.

We invest in the future by installing more fiber all at once, leaving inactive (dark) stands available for future increases in demand.

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