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Some of the greatest recent advances in new technology now extend to the home.

In fact, over the last 5 years, our homes have seen a paramount shift in what we expect from them, and how they operate. The problem, inadequate internet networks keep many homeowners from ever experiencing the joy and simplicity that their Smart Homes provide.

But, not in a new GigaSmartHome where the 50x faster downloads& 300x faster uploads on average can handle everything you need.

What is

Home Automation?

True Home Automation is power. The power to control the thermostat, lighting, alarm, and other vital components from the couch or the Caribbean. It has given homeowners the ability to control access for their guests, increase their piece of mind with security, and even save money on their electric bill.

According to Statista*, these devices have increased in sales by 650%in the past seven years. That number will only keep growing, and so will the demand for a capable network to support them.


A Start Smart

The most important piece of “True Smart Living” is network speed. With our Gigabit powered Fiber Network, your home is capable of running the devices that provide convenience, safety, and let’s not forget, fun. We designed our infrastructure to not only handle these devices but provide the ability to add to them in the future. There’s no limit to what our homes will look like in the next few years, however, with the speed of Centric, you’ll be ready.


Let Us Be Your GigaGuide

Our In-Community consultants help you plan the best fiber experience for you and your family before you ever step foot into your new home. Once you’re settled in, they remain a part of your neighborhood and not overseas, for any help you need afterward.