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GigaSpeed Mini Gateway

With our GigaSpeed Mini Gateway, you will have the ultimate Wi-Fi experience, everywhere in your home. It’s the newest Wi-Fi 6 technology and offers the best performance.

GigaSpeed Gateway

The GigaSpeed Gateway is a premium smart home system that delivers the latest WiFi certified technology (802.11ax) for optimal whole-home coverage with simultaneous dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz operation. Leveraging the latest WiFi 6 features, the GigaSpeed Gateway provides longer range, higher efficiency and less interference compared to earlier generations of WiFi technology.

GigaSpeed X Gateway

The GigaSpeed X is our next generation smart home gateway that lives exclusively on our 10G network. With the latest WiFi 6 capabilities and the capacity to handle speeds between 1G and 10G, the GigaSpeed X is suited for those who need the fastest residential internet experience available.

GigaSpeed Mesh

Enhance your Wi-Fi coverage with the GigaSpeed Mesh, a high performance compliment to extend your Wi-Fi from any outlet.

Complete WiFi and Security Control

With ultimate WiFi service from Centric Fiber, we make it easy to balance the demands of modern life. From connecting your entire home to keeping your calls and devices running without interuption, it all works for you, not against you. You have total control of your experience with the GigaSpeed Pro/Pro+ features including "my priorities" traffic and cyber security controls built right in, making your work and daily life easy.

GigaSpeed Pro+

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GigaSpeed Internet

Future proof your home with speeds up to 10Gbps, affordable prices, 99.9% network reliability, no contracts or hidden fees, and free in-home support from your community GigaGuides.

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Whether you prefer streaming services or a more traditional TV experience, Centric is there for you. Our GigaGuides can help you navigate all the content experiences to fit your entertainment and budget needs.

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