Account Billing

You can view and pay your bill online at https://my.centricfiber.com/

You can pay by phone by dialing 877-342-727

We send your monthly billing statement to you via email.

Visit https://my.centricfiber.com from the "My Account" button on the main navigation bar on centricfiber.com or type the address directly into your browser search bar. 

If you've forgot your password or need to reset  - please see this article

Still having trouble create a ticket here or call 877-342-7270

GigaSpeed Internet

Download our app, GigaSpeed Pro, from the App Store or on Google Play. You can update your network name and passkey, create a guest network, monitor your home's online activity and enhance network security, all from within our app. You can also add parental controls and enhanced network security.

Locate the equipment inside of your home. It is usually installed in the network panel, located in your utility room or master bedroom closet. Unplug the modem (small black box) for about 30 seconds. Once the device is powered on, it will take between 2-5 minutes to boot up. Your equipment will perform any necessary software updates at this time.

You can add a mesh router to your home Wi-Fi network to increase the internet coverage in your home. Contact your local gigaguide or call us at 877-342-7270 to learn more.

GigaCall VoIP Phone

Access everything for your VoIP phone account.

Please Click Here to access Alianza's portal.

First, log in to your account and then complete the following:

Enable Sub Voicemail

Navigate to Account > Voicemail.Hover over the voicemail box and click Edit.Under Voicemail Box Settings, click [Enable].Click [Confirm]. The Sub Voicemail subsection will be listed below Visual Voicemail.Add a Sub Voicemail BoxUnder Sub Voicemail, click [+ Add Sub Voicemail].Name the Sub Voicemail Box by entering a name into the field provided.Using the Option drop-down menu, indicate which number a caller should press to reach the Sub Voicemail box.Indicate if voicemails should be forwarded to an email and if a copy should be kept in the voicemail box by checking the appropriate boxes.Enter the email voicemails should be forwarded to in the field provided. If voicemails should be forwarded to multiple emails, separate the emails with commas.Click [Create] and then [Save].

Get access to basic info on your calls

Date - The date, time, and duration of the call.

From - The number the call originated from.

To - The number the caller dialed.

MOS - Displays the MOS (Mean Opinion Score), which is a quality measure to assess the human users opinion of call quality.

Log in to your Account > Call History

Date - Filters calls shown below by when they were made, between one date and another.

Call Types - Filters calls in history by Inbound or Outbound.

Inbound Call Flags - Filters call history to show only inbound calls and if they were Answered, Busy, Forwarded, Missed, or Sent to Voicemail (VM).

Hide Filter Controls - Hides the Filter Control board. Click Show Filter Controls to show them again.

All - Selects all Inbound Call Flags and the Inbound Call Type filter.

None - Deselects all Inbound Call Flags filter options.

[Reset Filter] - Resets all filter options, including the date.

[Download CSV] - Downloads a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file spreadsheet with all call history data. 

[Block] - Blocks the callerfrom making further calls to this account.

Time and Length - Displays details on when the call was initiated, when it connected to the endpoint, when the call ended, what duration of the call was billed, and the actual duration of the call.

Cost - Displays the cost of the call, if the call was within the calling plan, and the rate per minute from the plan.

Origination - Displays the phone number and location of the originating call, and if the call came from on or off Alianza's network.

Termination - Displays the phone number and location of the call recipient user that received the call, and if they were on or off Alianza's network.

Technical Details - Displays a great amount of detail on the call that can be used for diagnostics, and is most commonly viewed to double-check what number was actually dialed for outbound calls. For more information regarding these details, contact Alianza Support.

GigaStream Your TV

With Centric Fiber, high-speed Gigabit internet you can custom build a streaming plan to fit your viewing preferences. Choose the streaming service provider of your choice and enjoy your favorite shows. If you are not sure which streaming options will be best for your home, your local GigaGuide can help you build a custom streaming package.

You can subscribe to a streaming service that offers live sports. See below for a few streaming options:


DirecTV Stream

Hulu Live TV






With Gigabit fiber internet from Centric Fiber, you can stream on unlimited devices with ease.

You can subscribe to a streaming service that offers live news channels. See below for a few streaming options:

DirecTV Stream

Hulu Live TV



With Gigabit fiber internet from Centric Fiber, you can stream on unlimited devices with ease.